Monday, September 23, 2013

thank gord for forgotten packages on a long Monday

Forgotten packages by gradschoolknitter
Forgotten packages, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

Today felt long. Longer than long. I don't really know why except that maybe it had something to do with my students not doing as well as I hoped on an assignment (yes, those things bum out profs almost as much as they bum out the students receiving the marked-up papers...) or perhaps because of the lunch meeting that was not really as stimulating as one might hope (although there was free food...)

In any case, whatever the reason, today felt extra long, and it was, of course, a Monday. But I did return home to find a package that I had almost forgotten about! I bought some yarn that a friend of a friend was destashing on Ravelry last week and it showed up today! Two skeins of blue moon fiber arts "socks that rock" (one lightweight, on the lower right and one mediumweight, upper/left) in mill ends colours. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but the lightweight screams Christmas to me, so I hope that by December I'll have had the chance to make myself some Christmas-y socks, perhaps?

I had almost thrown out the packaging before I felt a little bump in the bottom, and when I felt around inside, I found these:

Forgotten packages

Adorable earrings shaped like balls of yarn with needles stuck in them!! I'm so glad they didn't get thrown out! The destashing raveler in question apparently makes them, so I'll try to get the name/url of her shop so that I can pass it along to anyone who is interested. ETA: her shop is Double Dee Designs!

Now to find some food and then to collapse... at least Tuesdays are generally short around here!

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