Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumn To-Knit List

What, so it's still summer-like weather where you are, too? So what?! This weekend is the official start of FALL, my favorite season (and a good colour palette for me) and I want to get into it already!

Things I *neeeeeed* to knit this fall:

1. Three... no, four baby things. 3 for babies already here, 1 for one soon to show up on the scene. I promised the summer mom's that they'd have something for their babes once the weather got cool... so maybe I should be thanking the warm weather for sticking around a little longer and giving me more time!

2. Holiday gifts? I'm not sure how many there will be this year, but I'm hoping to do something crafty for at least a couple of the people on my regular gift list!

That's probably it for things that are absolutely necessary... but of course there is always *want*:

1. My fingering weight st st sweater, which is actually coming along surprisingly quickly (update photos to follow shortly)!

2. Socks. Of course! We (meaning DH and I) can always use more socks. And I always seem to have more sock yarn...

3. Replacement gloves and/or mitts for me: I lost one of these last winter and they never did get reunited... and these mitts are finally starting to unravel/fall apart... they were the first projects I made when I got back in to knitting in 2007, they're super warm, and I'm sort of sad/in denial. I'll probably keep them around for another season or two, but they need backup.

I think that's it for me... what are you knitting this fall?


Bronwyn said...

I'll be working on a couple Christmas gifts, socks of course, hopefully I'll finally finish my husband's cardigan..., and I have a number of ideas for designs swimming in my head! It's daunting though. So far I've only designed one pair of socks and that wasn't much, so we'll see. :)

Happy autumn; it's my favorite too.

gradschoolknitter said...

I have a few designs that I've ruminated on lately too but no time to do them. The sweater I'm doing is basically made up in my head but it's so simple to be laughable... I can't imagine anyone who wants to make one would need much of a write-up.