Friday, June 11, 2010

FO: Seneca!

S1051044, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

Just in time for the good weather...

Justo para el verano...

Forgive me the goofy looks on my face... timer + running to pose = not enough time to figure out how to smile.

Pattern: Seneca by Jared Flood (aka brooklyn tweed
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Aran Solid, 10.5 balls = 1071 yards (I bought 15 total, according to pattern requirements...)
Needles: US 7 to get stitch gauge - but not row gauge (see below)

I made a lot of mods to this sweater, not least of which is the neckline:


If you check out the original here on rav you might be able to see the difference. Mine is missing the cable closest to the neckline. My row gauge was so much bigger than that called for in the pattern that I had to eliminate it entirely in order to get the yoke to fit properly.

Other mods: sleeve increases were spaced as if for the XS sleeve (mine is a S), all the way up the sleeve, with one knit row between the last 2 increases. This also gave me an extra inch or so of sleeve, which I generally need (but always forget) anyway.

I have one somewhat serious complaint about this pattern... and that is that it was edited far beyond the normal / necessary. I have tons (and I mean TONS) of respect for Mr. Tweed and his ability to fashion some of the most gorgeous garments I have ever seen... but if I were a less experienced knitter I would have been at a loss when it came to the end of the pattern. There were NO finishing instructions. Sure, he tells you to use a sewn bind-off for the collar, but there is no mention of what to do with the under-arm stitches that have been left on holders!! I personally turned the sweater inside out and worked a three-needle bind-off - and I'm sure a graft would have much the same effect - but I'm surprised that with how meticulous he is to other details that this would have been forgotten by him. (AKA I think it is over editing rather than him forgetting.)

In any case, it needs a much better blocking than I can give it here, as can be seen especially around the sleeve cuffs. But in general I am just THRILLED with this sweater and cannot wait for autumn weather when I can actually wear it!

One more goofy picture, for the road:



SIONA said...

¡¡¡ehhh que se te olvidó la traducción al cristiano!!! jajajaja
te ha quedado super bonito, yo creo que hoy lo podrás estrenar porque hace un frío en la calle ...
nos vemos en un rato!

Kate said...

Too bad I already faved it in ravelry, because it is AWESOME!

Ivy said...

It looks lovely!

Susan said...

Is perfect for you! I love how distinct the cables are. Kuddos to you for finishing it despite the hot weather.

gradschoolknitter said...

Thanks all!

And Susan: I actually took advantage of a cold snap to finish it up! There was no way that I was going to be able to finish it while it was 30+ celsius!