Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Thank goodness for flickr and ravelry... I totally forgot that I lost the usb cord to my camera and can't get pictures onto my computer. So for now I'll be using stock photos (my own when I can, and others when I can't).


(Photo is mine.)

The above photo is of prize #1: Crash into Ewe's Jewel Collection with Real Silver in "Garnet", 420 yds. (Only one skein, of course... the other skein I'm using to make myself the Kai-Mei socks from Cookie A's book.) This has been subsequently wound into a ball, however.

Prize #2:

(Photo by: Coolmoonyogaknits)

One skein of Malabrigo Sock in Natural, 440 yds. I used this to make my Twisted Flower Socks, just in green instead of natural. I LOVE this sock yarn. (Ok I love all malabrigo yarns...) This is still in the skein (like in the picture) but I would be happy to wind it if someone would prefer that.

And finally, Prize #3:

(Photo by: llgreens40.)

One skein Cascade Yarns Heritage Solid in blue, 437 yds. I haven't used this sock yarn yet but I've seen it knit up and it is gorgeous and super soft. This has been wound into a cake already.

And, of course, any and all of these can be made into mitts by moi.

There is still LOTS and LOTS of time to enter the contest, so click here to check out the previous post and enter!

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