Friday, February 8, 2008

PS3: Fire

I was worried about the Fire Element more than any. Pink is my favourite colour (I did not become girly until well into my 20s... if you knew me as a teenager you'd be surprised to see me in any colour other than blue) but I haven't knit all that many pink things. I just got a great pink knitting bag from etsy, which I still have to document. Anyways, so I guess I've been sort of stocking up on pink/red/orange yarns in order to make up for the "lack" of these colours in my stash. Yesterday I went through took all of the appropriate yarns out of the stash and took photos of everything that I could use for the next two months. Turns out I didn't need to be hording pink/red yarns quite as much as I thought:

PS3: Fire Yarn

From Left to Right:
Top Row: Crash Into Ewe's Jewel Collection (Link is to her etsy shop although I think it might only be available at Lovelyarnscurrently); Interlacements Rick Rack II from Stitches East '06; Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Cotton Print, also from Lovelyarns, Marra Inca Gold, from Needles and Pins

Bottom Row: Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk, from Webs, Crazy thick/thin orange/pink yarn from my SP10 pal (I used a little to make an Urchin, of which I need to make another on smaller needles/doubled yarn); Phildar Licorne, also from SP10; Knit Picks Telemark in Aubergine (yes I know that Aubergine's are purple, but this looked more reddish to me), also from SP10.

Most of it I have NO idea what I would do with, but I definitely have ideas for some. the Crash Into Ewe Jewel yarn is going to become the Cleopatra Wrap from Sensual Knits and the Marra Inca Gold will become a Mrs. Darcy Cardigan.

I also picked up some scraps from a paper shop near by. Many reds and pinks to start my ATC cards for the exchange! More on that as they progress...

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