Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and now for something completely different....

A WIPs update! It's been a while, I know... it seems like things just magically come off the needles fully formed around here, with some kind of time warp between skein and FO. So here's what I'm currently working on:

Mrs. Darcy Cardi
Mrs. Darcy Cardigan. I loved the yarn when I first saw it. The colour. The soft merino / alpaca blend... however, every skein so far (4 of 9) has had a knot in it. I left them alone on the back, hoping they would blend in (a decision I'll be sure to curse later on...) and on the front I cut and tried to spit splice, but to no avail. Unsure why that is, since it's 70 merino 30 alpaca... so it should be feltable, but nothing. So I'll have to go back later and weave in ends, which is pretty much my least fav thing to do, especially since they then always tend to poke out on the right side of my sweater. Any suggestions on how to weave in ends so that they remain invisible??

Monkeys. Always infallible. I still love this pattern, second go around. Sadly the panda cotton ran out just before the end of the toe. I decided to add some random bamboo I had left over, instead of buying a 3rd ball for what will be maybe 20 rounds over both socks... no one sees the toes anyway, right?? If you have bigger feet (I wear a 6.5/7 usually) and want to use the panda cotton, you'll definitely need a third ball, unless you want half your foot to be a different colour.

Noro striped scarf. Gawd I'm such a follower. I'm using Brooklyn Tweed's version of events, 1X1 rib over 39 stitches. However, I'm not actually using Noro. Rather, I'm using K1 Crochet Too Paint Box for the background-y purplish colour and Trendsetters Tonalita in purple to orange to hot pink to teal green to... you get the picture for the more stripey / colourful part.

More pictures of each on my flickr / in my rav.

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