Friday, May 18, 2007


I took today off (sort of... it's been dead at my new job and since my supervisor is also my cousin I told him that if he didn't really need me I have some major work I should be doing... so he told me I could stay home today) so that I could finish a paper... which was technically due yesterday. Eep. So, instead, I'm thinking about yarn shops. I mean, I never get to go to any here because A. they're far away (my LYS in Baltimore is about 4 blocks from my house), B. I work during the day and they're closed by the time I'm home and cleaned up sufficiently to fondle yarn and C. I'm tired all the time from this new job. There are many other reasons too, not the least being that I should be spending my "free" time writing papers... like, right now. But I'm thinking about yarn stores. There are quite a few in the city (I mean, this is Canada!) and I've really only ever been to two. The huge warehouse (which has decent prices but mostly novelty yarns) and one that I went to when I first got back a couple of weeks ago (tiny but decent selection... I didn't have much time to look around 'cause I was with the OSCBF and didn't want to bore him completely). There are at least 2 more that I haven't explored yet and I am jonesing for some yarn time. In Baltimore I would make it to the LYS at least once or twice a week (so close! on my way home from school!!) and here I've only been to one in the last 2 weeks, for about 5 mins tops. So I'm making myself a deal. If I get a decent chunk of this paper done in the next couple of hours I might go yarn store hopping. I'll update on how it works out later!


The_Add_Knitter said...

C'mon, you deserve a yarn shop jaunt!!

Doug said...

There are yarn stores here? I've seen a lot of rope stores around, but I assumed that they were just there so that the pimps could tether the hos to the hydro poles.

Oh, and call me sometime? We really do need to get together next week.

Sheila said...

Yarn shopping....writing your paper....I say shop! You will concentrate better after you shop. You asked on my blog if I liked a Gathering of Laces. I do. The book is gorgeous and I have swatch a couple different laces. I just didn't have the nerve to start the harder lace patterns. But my LYS owner loves to knit lace so I will probably try one. Maybe the end of the summer. Thanks for the info on the summer knitting contest.