Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A new ssk, or, is it wrong to take shortcuts while knitting?

I'm still knitting the lace cap from knitty, but I traded in the berroco cotton twist for a single strand of bamboo. The cotton twist was not the right weight for the project, nor was it very fun to work with... the strands would split and fray really easily. Anyways, the pattern calls for a lot of ssk's and I'm not really a fan. Plus, with the tiny needles and bamboo yarn (it's sort of like working with toothpicks and floss...) it's really easy to drop a stitch and then it's pretty much gone forever, making you rip out and start all over again. So instead of ssk's I'm knitting 2 together through the back loops. Is this wrong? I mean, the final product looks the same to me. I haven't found anywhere else where someone mentions exchanging an ssk for k2togtbl...

In any case, while researching it I realized that I wasn't slipping my stitches correctly in the first place. I tend to slip as if to purl and all the blogs, instructions, etc that I found said to slip as if to knit. So far I'm happy with my method so I think I'll stick with it and we'll see how the final product turns out.

In other news, I went to this crafting warehouse in my parents town (I'm home in the land of snow for "spring" break) yesterday and picked up another skein of the Lett Lopi to finish off the vest for the OSCBF, and I got some superwash merino for the Space Invader socks. I can't wait to start working on them, 'cause there are some interesting colourway techniques that I want to try out. And if they turn out ok then I'll probably make a second pair for myself!

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Heatherly said...

i almost al;ways k2togtbl! i dont like the way ssk changes the momentum