Saturday, January 10, 2009

a hat for.... me?!

urchin for me!, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

I know, the hats. It's ridonk. But this one only took an afternoon (yesterday's to be precise) and it's so warm and awesome! The pattern is Urchin, this being the 3rd Urchin I have made... one about a year ago and the other for my cousin for Christmas... I still need to make another (also for me!) out of the Baby Alpaca Chunky 'cause it's so soft and wonderful.

This one is made of Berroco Peruvia Quick. I lurve this colour for me, although it is a bit itchier than the one I made in Alpaca... but I'll survive.

And the top view:
urchin top

Pattern: Urchin by Ysolda, from
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia Quick (less than 1 skein)
Needles: 7mm (no US equivalent)
Size: L
Mods: None necessary!


Louise said...

I am really liking this hat. I saw a picture of the first one you knit last week and loved it. I have printed the pattern and have my wool ready to cast on as soon as I have my sweater blocked which will hopefully to tonight. When I saw this hat again it confirmed that I want to knit one for me!

M Ward said...

Beautiful! I used to hate hats but now I wear them a lot just to knit all the types out there.

gradschoolknitter said...

thanks! I love hats but never thought I looked good in them til I started making my own. I guess knitted hats just make everything better!