Tuesday, February 26, 2013

things finished (sort of)

my name is growing by gradschoolknitter
my name is growing, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

Sock one is done for my sock swap partner. If they look familiar, that's because it's the same yarn I used for my most recent pair of socks, lorna's laces in blackwatch. Pattern here is treebeard, which has some interesting details that are reversed on the opposite socks:

so my name is like a story
I made the larger size, since a lot of people on ravelry complained that the pattern was not very stretchy and my partner's foot is slightly bigger than mine. I think if I were making them for me I'd probably make the smaller size, or take a few stitches out of the bottom of the foot.

Also recently off the needles (but not quite finished) is my hybrid sweater:

(sorry I look so disinterested in the picture, but I just got home from yoga and I'm tired and my hair was still wet so I pulled it back.)

Inspired by tea with jam and bread and katie, I used colour changes a la katie on the body:

body colour changes

and sleeves:

sleeve colour change

I also made the sleeves extra long and put in thumb holes:

mittens or sleeves? both.

As for Tea with Jam and Bread, I didn't do any body shaping (although it still turned out a little more form fitting than I expect), used 2x2 ribbing on the collar and hem, and I'm planning to add afterthought pockets, I was just waiting for it to dry/block.

The only part I'm a little concerned/unconvinced about is the collar:


I wanted a closer fitting collar than either Katie or Tea called for, so I used an adaptation of the continguous method with short rows across the back. I'm going to do the pockets today and wear it tomorrow, but if I don't like the way it sits, I may take the neck apart... but considering I made this top down, that could be difficult!

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Tejedora Compulsiva said...

I love them both, they're beautiful!!