Friday, February 8, 2013

the joys of googleplus

I've recently started using google+ a whole lot more... they've started a new thing that they're calling communities, where people interested in similar things can come together to talk about their hobbies, or favorite tv shows, or whatever! I was invited to a group called the knitting lodge, where people post about their latest projects, problem-shoot, or show off their FOs. I posted about the never ending sock yarn blanket when it finally ended and that week the head of the knitting lodge (who is also the main person behind Yarn Mountain) started an FO contest. Every week they pick a post tagged "look what I made" and send a prize to the winner. My blanket was the first one chosen!

So, above, is Blue Ridge Footprints in Crimson Redbud, my prize! It arrived last night, just in time for all the snow! Ok, fine, I've already started two other projects this week, so I guess this can wait. But still... casting on is very tempting! I also received a 10% discount to the store, a temptation I could not resist... so you know there will be more stash enhancement in the near future!

Thanks again Yarn Mountain and the knitting lodge!!

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