Friday, October 19, 2012

Too loose?

Too loose? by gradschoolknitter
Too loose?, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

I started these socks yesterday but I'm already worried about them... The yarn was chosen by the recipient and because of an allergy to animal fibre, this is a cotton/rayon blend. It is thinner than what I would call a true fingering so on size 1 needles it looks very open:

A sock on the hand is like two on the foot?

My biggest concern is the bottom of the foot. With too open of a weave I can imagine it would not be the most comfortable to walk on. So I posed the following solutions to the recipient:

- rip back and try on smaller needles, possibly adding stitches to make up for lost space.
- change to smaller needles for bottom half of foot
- rip back and double up the yarn on size 1.5 or 2s

What would you do?

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Tejedora Compulsiva said...

I really haven't knitted a sock, ever, but i think the best option is to double the yarn, no need to change the pattern adding stitches.