Friday, October 12, 2012

Socks, and a cautionary tale

Or: How Using Hiya Hiyas may have save my life.

OK, not my life, but definitely my foot. First, the socks:

Pattern is by the seine river a great, and very prone to striping properly, sock pattern. Since these are for my swap partner, I'm hoping they fit her as well as they fit me (our measurements are quite similar, so that made it easy).

Needles: US 1dpns (Hiya hiyas, the life-saving needle in question)

Mods: None, except that I finally listened to my instincts and used size 1s even though 1.5s were called for.

Now, my tale (although please stop if you're squeamish... I made the receptionist at the walk-in clinic squirm... which ought to come with a prize of some sort, I would think.)

I was knitting these this morning and put them down beside me on the couch. A few minutes later I heard my phone beep to signal a text message in the other room, so I jumped off the couch, knocking my project to the ground. When I put my foot down to push off, well, the needle was stuck in the carpet sticking straight up... and I'll spare you the rest. It was actually relatively harmless in the end, very little bleeding (absolutely none on my needles or project, but I promise my partner these will go through the wash before they're sent off, just to be safe) and I ended up "updating" my tetanus shot, since it was time to do so in any case.* Anywho... next time you knock a project over, pick it up before you launch yourself off the couch, you know, just to be safe.

*I brought my project with me to the drs office a) so I could show them the needles in question and b) so I had something to work on while I waited... I think I freaked everyone out a little by continuing to work on the project that had impaled me, although the dr was impressed with the stainless steel needles and said I shouldn't have any issues or infections with such a "clean instrument". I might have a little nerve damage which will heal sloooowly... but I can keep knitting since it was to my foot and not a hand, right? I'm perpetuating the idea that knitters are freaks, aren't I? Le sigh. Moral of the story: knit with stainless steel needles so when you inevitably stab yourself (or is it just me that knits enough that it was probably inevitable?) you won't have splinters or infections!


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I knew there was a reason I prefer metal needles...

Hope you "heel" quickly. Zing. Oh, I crack myself up... :)