Friday, October 5, 2012

fall, and a hat

fall and a hat by gradschoolknitter
fall and a hat, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

It's officially fall! And you can stare at the tree behind me, by all means. So pretty. I'm a little tired, so focus on the tree.

Or, if you prefer, the hat:

old man hat
like I said, tired.

Is that an "old man hat" or what? I actually like it, quite a bit, but it's not for me. DH requested it after I jokingly showed him the pattern. It was a bit tedious, although not an overly long process. You do have to pay attention all. the. time. This is not a simple, watching tv at the same time/having a conversation at knit night kind of project. It's a "count every row/stitch" kind of project. But I like the end result, especially now that it has a peak stabilizer, has been blocked and snaps have been sewn into place.

I hope DH likes it too!

I bought the yarn for him (Sanguine Gryphon Traveller in "experimental love child"*) some time ago. I bought it without a specific purpose in mind, but rather because it matches a scarf his mom knit for him many years ago and I wanted him to have some other accessory that matched well. More than a year later, voila, a hat!

I used the brim of a plastic football hat I found at Michael's as a stabilizer. It was the perfect size and shape for this project! The rest of the hat will not live to see such a glorious use, sadly...

Project raveled here.

* I believe that "experimental love child" is the name that Sanguine Gryphon uses for any sort of mish-mash of dyes they use up as leftovers. I could be wrong... but this base has been discontinued in any case, which is sad because it is nice and springy and machine washable to boot!

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