Sunday, September 2, 2012

extra yarn

lopsided log-cabin by gradschoolknitter
lopsided log-cabin, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

I posted a sneaky picture of this blanket when I was first working on it, but didn't want to give a full reveal until it was in the hands of it's designated owner... my new niece, Ellis! My first niece, too, which means she'll probably be more spoiled than most babies I've met. Every cute pattern for little girls I see on ravelry now goes into the queue immediately...

The yarn is the interminable seven skeins of knit picks stroll, although I have, in fact, found a project that might finally finish them off... more on that later.

The pattern is a sort of lop-sided, make it up as you go along, log-cabin. I didn't want it to be perfectly square so I made skinnier stripes on 2 sides and bigger stripes on the remaining 2.

I also got her the appropriately named book, Extra Yarn:

super cute children's book about knitting!

It's a very cute book about a little girl who finds a box of yarn that seems to never end. She knits for her whole town and never runs outs. It's a little old for her 3 week old self today, but I'm sure Ellis will love it (and learn to knit/crochet as soon as she's ready... she has both me and her own mom to show her how!).

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