Sunday, October 2, 2011

A post without pictures? Preposterous!

But that doesn't mean that I don't have lots to show you... Blogger has completely revamped their interface and I have set my blog to mosaic mode. If you're joining us via a reader, you probably won't notice any difference. But if you go to the main page you'll see that my blog is laid out like a mosaic of pictures (except, of course, for entries like this one that are photo free...). You can click on any picture that suits your fancy and the entry will pop up. Click on another one and that one will take it's place. (Or hit esc to go back to just pretty pretty pictures). Also available in a variety of different formats... hit one of the other options (classic, photo, etc) in the bar along the top and play around with it.

Also new around here, I'm on craftsy! It's taking some time to figure out, but if you want to find me I'm gradschoolknita. (Had I known when I started this blog that such a long name would often get cut short (also the reason that I'm 'gradskoolknitter' with an extra k on ravelry), I might have rethought it. In fact, since I'll (hopefully) be graduating soon, I may have to rethink it anyway. In any case, I'm warming up to craftsy, slowly, although I find it to be a lot less intuitive than ravelry... but since it has all kinds of other crafts and I really want to start giving things like sewing a shot, I'm sticking it out for the time being. I finally figured out where to go to re-find all the crafters I've saved as following, just this morning!

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