Friday, August 5, 2011

no rest for the knitted

knits and purls #1 by gradschoolknitter
knits and purls #1, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

one sock down... and on to more pressing things. I still didn't use the whole skein for this sock, but 239 yards is an awful lot when you have small feet. Even so, this is a long sock (for me) but the elasticity of the Patons Stretch Sock (appropriately named) meant that I didn't have to increase at all for the top of the sock.

As for the more pressing projects at hand: a present for a dear friend who is getting married in just over a week, which I got back to as soon as this sock was off the needles and is thisclose to being done, minus a few minor details which I will be attending to shortly... and the socks for my swap partner, due in the mailbox by the end of the month. I had misplaced the needles needed to start the second of the swap socks during the move, but they have been since located and that will be up next on the agenda.

There's an article on the ravelry main page about how summer is generally slower for knitters... but this summer feels busier than ever for me. Perhaps it's coupled with the move and the impending thesis doom but I feel like I'm making more things too. And picking up more crafty hobbies... I'm trying to start sewing (just waiting for a few more tools that I recently ordered!) and I'd really like to try my hand at spinning that raw wool I picked up in Iceland.

And you, knitterati? Would you say it's been a busier summer for your crafts or do you prefer to put the needles away for cooler temperatures?


Andrea said...

My summer is definitely just as busy as the winter months. I've had a lot of samples going on and have managed a couple pairs of socks since school was out.

Bronwyn said...

I've been doing less knitting, but I've gotten back to cross stitching which I haven't done in awhile, and I have some embroidery to do as well. So busy, just not knitting busy. :)

Anonymous said...

Im definitely only knitting in aircondicioned cars and caf├ęs at the moment, last one only for obvious reasons (peer group pressure?)
I am happy if I manage to sew something, but even sewing involves having additional things in your lap wich means additional heat, which in Madrid during summer is to be avoided under all circumstances (personal opinion). Will be back in october...