Thursday, August 11, 2011

trains, planes and automobiles

Yes, I've traveled yet again. This time I took the train into Canada, to visit my hometown and see the LAST of the 2011 weddings. You hear that, universe? NO ONE ELSE I KNOW is allowed to get married until 2012. Or at least, I don't want to know about it.

Not that I hate weddings, or anything, there's just been a LOT of them lately (including my own) and I'm a bit weddinged-out. Actually, I'm mostly traveled-out.

Above is the front of the see what love can do pillow that will be presented to the latest bride and groom. The back is slightly less pretty (although I'm not sure you can tell from the pictures...) because this is the first project on which I have used a sewing machine in (at least) 15 years.

But here it is, for posterity's sake:

what love can do... back

The lines aren't 100% straight and the stitches are a little loose (I haven't quite gotten bobbin tension down yet) but there it is. I hope that they will look past it's slight imperfections... and maybe even see it as a symbol for love. Not perfect, but comforting and... cushy? OK, I'll work on that one before I write the card...

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Anonymous said...

The knitting is beautiful, and the sewing is quite acceptable. (is that too heavy on the "faint praise" scale? Sorry!) I LOVE the pillow and am really impressed with it!