Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my first second shot at mobile blogging... 

so you'd think I'd be sick of the road already-and you'd be right-but yesterday I spent 13hours (including breaks) on the road with my parents to visit my aunt and uncle. Then, in a couple of days we'll get back in the car and head up to dh's homeland where his family is putting on a reception for us, and those who couldn't make it to the wedding. 

And even taking my turns in the driver's seat and napping, I cranked out a good bit on july's siac shawl. Which puts me at 96 of 109 rows, for those skeptics (myself included) who thought it might not happen this month. I still have about 6 hours in the car tomorrow and a looooong layover flying back on Sunday. it may happen yet!

ETA: still can't get the pic to upload so you'll just have to consider this a teaser for the final product!

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