Saturday, July 2, 2011

lessons in dressing oneself

I'm not sure how to wear the stripe study shawl. It's pretty, and was fun to make, but hard to wear.

In part it might be because I ran out of yarn. I got to the 11th stripe (of 12) and had to cut it short in the end because I was going to run out of pink yarn. I also ran out of grey, so my bottom contrasting stripe is a lot thinner than called for.

Still, I think it looks good...

stripe study
... and maybe in time I'll learn how to wear it in a functional way.


SIONA said...

Pues te ha quedado bien chulo ...
un abrazo y hasta maƱana ;)

Bronwyn said...

It's lovely! :) I've been wanting to make that one for awhile, but I don't know how to wear shawls either, lol. The colors are gorgeous!