Monday, April 11, 2011

socks: wedding edition

socks: wedding edition, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

Just under the wire, but the socks that the boy wants to wear on our big day are done! If you look at the original picture of the first sock you might notice that it doesn't really look quite like either of these final ones. It is the sock on the right in this picture, but I had to cannibalize a bit from the cuff in order to make them the same length.

Originally I had thought that the yarn had the same colour-repeats from both ends of the skein, but it turns out the inside had less green to start with (check out the toes). So in the end I had slightly less yarn than I thought and the repeats don't quite match up. Still, I think they're fun.

Yarn is: Zitron Unisono
Needles: US 2 stainless steel hiya hiya dpns which I'm now madly in love with (having always been a bamboo needle kind of gal, this is a big admission)
Pattern: toe-up heel gusset from in my head.

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