Sunday, May 30, 2010


Just got back yesterday from our adventures in Valencia and Malta... and boy were they adventurous! I was extremely ill in Valencia, and so we saw very little of it... in fact, I have no pictures whatsoever. And I have NO pictures of knitting or me knitting in any of these fancy places as I was either ill or exhausted most of the time.

But we made the best of Malta and saw as much as we could in the short time we were there... I would definitely recommend it, but with the precaution that it is still relatively undeveloped for a European country (they are part of the EU and use the EU currency), so you need to know a bit about what you are doing / where you want to go / what you want to see. BUT, and this is probably a bonus for a lot of North American travelers: English is one of the official languages, AND the people were extremely friendly, so when it was hard to find your way, etc, it was pretty easy to find help.

I promise, there will be knitting content... SOON. And the International Sock Swap is just a few short days away from starting, so that will keep me busy for a lot of the summer! Yay!

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