Friday, November 23, 2007

One more down, eleventy hundred to go*

Another Christmas Knit bites the dust! This one is for my dad (who I don't *think* reads this... or at least I hope he doesn't!) This was a fairly easy knit, except that my freakishly small hands had a hard time with the ginormous yarn and size 19/15mm needles! Once I got used to it, it went really quickly.

The following is pretty much the same info as yesterday, just slightly more organized...
Pattern: Big Fat Cable Scarf by my friend Julia
Yarn: Cascade Magnum
Needles: Size 19/15mm
Mods: Used size 19 instead of size 35 needles; added one extra seed stitch on either side of the cable, added pattern row 8 with purls (otherwise the cable would switch sides every time).
Notes: This did not turn out quite as long as I hoped, although the smaller needles and extra stitches probably account for that. I used every last inch of the skien - literally, there was about an inch left when I bound off that I wove in using my fingers (Magnum = too fat for tapestry needle). I don't care though, because this scarf is so fat I can't imagine anyone wanting to wrap it around their neck all that much.
For: Dad's Christmas Gift.

* eleventy hundred is one of the trademark sayings of one of my fav non-knitting bloggers: Loralee. I can't claim to have come up with this one myself. Ridonkulous, however, I do claim as my own. :D

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Loralee Choate said...

And Ridonkulous is such a fantabulous word!

I love the "Big Fat" scarf. Once again, I am awed that you can actually do stuff like this.