Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy US Turkey Day!

So, I'm not American, but I do live in the States and so today, if nothing else for me, means a day off! And actually, I am going to have Thanksgiving dinner with a couple of friends and one of the friends' family, so yay turkey!

So on my day off I have done this:

On the left is my mom's famous apple cake and on the right is a blueberry pie. The apple cake is always a hit, the blueberry pie I'm a little less confident about. It's my first "on my own" pie crust (that's right, no frozen pie crust for this gal!) and it's my first blueberry pie. The last pie I made (which was about a year ago) was peach, also a first time, and a hit. I didn't make the pie crust that time though, my friend Andrew did...

And a little of the Christmas Knitting:

A giagantor cabled scarf (on size 19, not 35 as directed). Pattern is Big Fat Cable Scarf by a friend of mine. If you are going to try out this pattern, make sure you add an 8th row to purl across the cable... you'll see what I mean. Oh, and I also added an extra stitch on either side of the cable.

OK, back to the baking... time to whip some cream!


emmms said...

It looks great, whatever you think! I've never managed a blueberry-only pie, only ever blueberry-and-fruit pies. How'd it turn out?

gradschoolknitter said...

Thanks! Both turned out really well! I used a recipe from The Fannie Farmer Cookbook (which my family gave me as a "hint" christmas present the first year I moved out on my own...) and I think next time I'd use less sugar than called for... it was a little too sweet and sometimes overpowered the taste of the blueberries.

Cate said...

so i see you found a recipe for pie! i took the day off work today which was about the best idea i've ever had so i thought id check up on you lol.