Thursday, November 8, 2007

And speaking of new hats...

I was feeling antsy last night, and despite the fact that I have a semi-ridiculous amount of wips (4, if anyone's counting - not totally ridiculous, but bordering on it...) right now, I thought about my stash and decided to use this for this. The Fall Issue of Knitty hadn't really impressed me when it first came out, but there are a few patterns that have grown on me and Urchin is one of them. Plus I knew that that yarn would be perfect for it and I had no idea what else to do with it.

So I cast on yesterday evening and this morning I just had to graft the stitches together and the end result is this:

(Sorry for the bathrobe chic pics... It was just too cute to wait to share!)

This hat is ridiculously easy to knit, even if you've never done short rows or grafting before, I swear! My only mods were using bigger needles (Size US 11/8mm... 7mm doesn't come in US sizes and would have been hard to get here... and it would have meant waiting... I wanted instant gratification!) and 1 extra wedge before grafting. The yarn I used is a thick & thin, but not nearly as thick in the thick parts as the original.

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Doug said...

I could use one of those. We has snow here this weekend. And a lot of it. I'm finally going to break out those socks you gave me.