Friday, June 1, 2007

After the Wash

Well, I can check #5 off my summer knitting list! (No one said they had to be done in order did they?!)

Here are the Baby Denim Drawstring Pants post-wash & dry:

They're still a bit damp so they're now hanging with the rest of "do not tumble dry" laundry. But they definitely shrank (which is good... everyone kept saying they looked odd... the legs were ridiculously long pre-wash) and all ends have been woven in and the drawstring is firmly where it is supposed to be. One problem with my modification (4 st i-cord instead of 2) is that it was harder to get into the slot for the drawstring... I didn't take that into consideration ahead of time. It still works, but it doesn't tie into the best bow ever... still, I think overall a thicker i-cord is needed to hold up baby pants. If I were to make them again I might try 3 sts. The baby shower is next weekend, so there is lots of time for them to dry out! Unfortunately I already had plans to be away that weekend, so I won't make the actual shower, but I wanted to do something for her anyway... hopefully these fit the little guy on the way!

Stay tuned later today (or possibly tomorrow) for some content considerably more "adult"!

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Crazy Diamond Girl said...

Cool stuff! I've thought about using some of the 'shrinks link denim' cotton in denim or indigo blue, but have yet to do so. I'll put that on my future projects list. Crazy D