Wednesday, June 6, 2007

new pictures, old projects

I'm staying with my dad and sister this week while the OSCBF and my mom are both out of town (just to clarify, they went on separate trips!). In any case, I'm using my old laptop to check email and the like. I didn't want to be moving tons and tons of stuff for just two days, so I left my Mac at the apartment.

So I found some new knitting photos to share. Ok, they're not actually *new*... they're photos of things I knit as gifts last Christmas, but since I forgot my camera, I never took pictures of people wearing them. Apparently my mom did, but never sent them to me. In any case, they're new to most of you and it distracts from the fact that I haven't done much new knitting lately...

Drop stitch scarf from Stitch n' Bitch Nation. Handpainted ribbon from Stitches East '06. Gift for Nana, Modelled by Mom.

Berroco Touche "Cashmere" Cowl... not so cashmere but still soft and warm! From LMKG. Gift for and modelled by Mom.

Back of the "nightie"... I did it to specifications but it was (obviously) quite short. But she wore it as a tank top Saturday night and it looked awesome!

And a shot of the front...

And a better shot of the "edible undies", on the lingerie line at the bachelorette party Sat. night.

Blogger and internet explorer have teamed up to annoy me tonight (I heart my Mac) and so this is the second time I've written this post... cross your fingers that it works this time!


Sheila said...

How did the bride-to-be like the thong? That is so funny!

Ilix said...

Hey! Love that cami you look great!! I got your comment on my blog.
My little alien frien actually came to me by way of Scotland! He is a swap item! You can contact the creator however..... under my blog list "Shoogles"
Just let her know wher you saw him and she will know! :)

Miss Purl said...

Lovely items it is nice to visit things from the past. They should not be forgotten a lot of work went in to them.

Crazy Diamond Girl said...

Wow! That nightie is a whole lot shorter than I thought. It is DEFINITELY a gorgeous tank. I think I am going to make one from Bamboo for a friend's wedding shower with a pair of either stings or bootie shorts. Maybe even one for myself!