Monday, April 30, 2007

So you want proof, eh?

Warning: Word and picture heavy post ahead!

My last few days have had a theme: proof. It started Friday with a knock on the door. I had a registered letter that I had to sign for, thus proving that I had received it. The letter was from the Universidad de Huelva, demanding proof that I had paid my tuition for the year. (Those of you who are new: I'm technically doing two PhDs right now... one in the States and one overseas... it's a long story.) The problem is that I didn't actually pay my tuition, someone else did it for me. Because in Spain you can't just give them a visa number or fill out a form online... you have to show up, pick up a letter from the University, take it to a certain bank and pay it in person. So I don't have the receipt. Long story short: sometimes my luck amazes me. The girl who paid my tuition because she was there on exchange last semester still had the receipt (despite the fact that all this happened back in Sept and she's moved back to Canada since then) and emailed me a scanned copy. I've emailed it on to them in the hopes that it is enough proof to satisfy them.

And now, I present to you, the proof that I do still knit! In no particular order we have:

The beginnings of a log cabin baby blanket for a new baby in the OSCBF's family in Berroco Touché;

A kerchief scarf based on the one in Last Minute Knitted Gifts in the linen/cotton (unsure, but most think it is linen) from my first SP10 package;

Two views of an anklet sock (and my extremely white leg): toe-up, short row heel, lace pattern adapted from Vogue Stitchonary in the KnitPicks Merino from Kniterations (only one is done... I figure I'll cast on the second next Saturday while waiting for planes trains and automobiles...);

A detail of a secret present for a friend's wedding shower (no out-loud guesses if you know what it is!)... this project is finished except for blocking and weaving in of ends;

And finally, a detail of the scarf that I'm currently blocking for a friend's birthday.

No progress has been made in FOREVER on the Hourglass sweater, the Graknitti Strip, or the Red-Cross Army vest. Here's the deal though: I'm moving, for the summer. I'm going back to Canada so that I can get a job in which I will actually make money. I didn't get any summer teaching at school and I love helping out at the yarn store and teaching classes there, but technically I can't work there. I can "volunteer" (in exchange for the occasional skein of free yarn) but (no matter how much we might want to) a girl can't live on yarn alone. Plus, I'll be with the OSCBF for 4 whole months. I'm pretty sure we haven't actually lived in the same country for that much time (consecutively I mean) in almost 2 years. So, the plan is to take the vest and some stash with me, and try to use some of it up over the next 4 months. I'm sure I'll eventually have to break down and buy some yarn there, but not without some guilt... I feel very loyal to my wonderful, friendly LYS here. I love going every Saturday to knit with the regulars, and I'm going to miss them, and Sue a LOT. But I'll be back!!

P.S. To my secret pal coordinator - I wasn't sure that whether I would be moving at all, or for part of the summer when I signed up for SP10. But my secret spoiler has already agreed to send my packages to my new address in Canada and I will continue to spoil my pal from abroad.


K8 said...

Glad to see the yarn going to such a good use! The sock looks great :)

Lone Knitter said...

I recently picked up Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I had no idea that all the cool things the blog knitters were knitting were from the book. Duh! I want to make the Chevron scarf for my mom. I don't think I'll have it in time for mother's day. :(

The_Add_Knitter said...

Glad you got your tuition worked out!

Love your little anklets, and don't worry, everyone has a white leg this time of the year!