Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am a lucky, lucky girl!

I am super lucky... last night a friend said that he needed a place to stay, so he's taking my apartment for most of the summer. It's a huge load off my mind 'cause I know I'll have the majority of the money I need to pay for the apt. for the summer and I know that he'll treat my stuff and my roommate with respect. Phew!

Then, I came home today to find a small padded envelope with my name on it! Another package from my pal! This one was a special extra package in honour of my birthday (which, if anyone cares to know, is actually this coming Monday) with the following contents:

A very cute postcard of Paris (my pal is from France) and a little crochet bag and earrings, all of which were handmade by my pal! Thanks pal! You're the awesomest!

And now, a close up on the earrings:

Hanging from the bottom are little charms, including a heart with a lock and a key, a little Eiffel Tower, a butterfly, a star and a silver ball, along with some bits of what look like shell. They are so cute and I'm going to wear them to my bday party tomorrow night.

And since I get to post about birthday gifts, here are some pictures of bday goodies I bought myself with the money my grandmother gave me for my birthday and made me promise I would spend on myself and not on bills or groceries!

A luggage tag in the shape of an icecream cone... I know it's dorky but I travel a lot and it's cute and fun and it will help me identify my luggage quickly, so really, it serves a functional purpose... uh, yeah!

And a new purse! 'Cause really, what I really need is another purse... I have a slight addiction problem, but it's only with shoes and purses, so I figure it could be a lot worse...

Sorry about the crookedness of the last picture... I'm still getting used to the "take a self portrait in the mirror" concept. And I couldn't figure out how to turn it on my mac... If I could wish for one more thing for my birthday (other than the obvious wish that the OSCBF could be here too) it would be that google would make Picasa for Macs!


The_Add_Knitter said...

How fun to get a parcel in the mail...such cool swag!

Doug said...

I love the self portraits. I shall have to teach you.

Good news about the apartment! It's really weird to think that everything is winding down now - I'm leaving London in just a little over a month (after the Lost finale.... pathetic, I know). And, as for Monday, I think I shall have to call you. Yes, most definitely. Did Ale even get a hold of you? Every time I talk to her she says that she's going to call you. She also has a radio show now - I'm not sure if you got the email.

Love ya.

Sheila said...

I love the earrings! They are great. I bet they look good on too. Congrats on finding a friend to sublet. That is one burden off your mind for the summer.

Anonymous said...

i'm really happy that you like the earrings i spend hours on them lol
it's cool that you could sublet your place

happy birthday !!!!!

your secret pal