Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cabled <3

Cabled  by gradschoolknitter
Cabled , a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

An (almost finished) Christmas hat for my niece. All that is missing is the pom-pom and a couple of i-cords to tie it under her chin. We won't seen them until after New Years, so fortunately I think I have more than enough time to finish it off!

Pattern is I heart cables and yarn is Drops Alpaca held double. Did the toddler size, since niece is 1.5 years and already wearing 2T clothes.

Haven't knit much this year (teaching and researching is time-consuming!) but I did get a lot of knitting-related stuff for Christmas! Will try to show it off soon, including the awesome light-box/tripod set-up DH got me! (Didn't bring it along with us, so a background of monkey-knitting-pjs will have to suffice for now.)

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Mairead Hardy said...

Lovely! I adore cables. Those pj's look cute too.