Wednesday, November 14, 2012

it FITS! [insert maniacal laughter here]

NaKniSweMo 2012 by gradschoolknitter
NaKniSweMo 2012, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

Considering I was pretty much flying blind on this one (see: crazy amount of mods, listed below), I cannot believe it turned out as well as it did. I'm a little concerned about the rolling neck/hemlines but I'm hoping that a good solid blocking will sort that out.

Here's the next big dilema: the sleeves. I put the stitches on holders as opposed to binding them off because I wanted to make them longer. However, the added stripes to the body has left me with very little (approx 7 grams) of the grey left. It's more than enough to finish off the stripes at the tops of the sleeves (each needs one more round to match the stripe on the sweater) but I don't know that I'll get another full stripe (I'd need enough for 5 rounds on each sleeve) out of it.

I do, however, still have 32g of the blue left. So, I could finish the grey stripes off at the tops of the sleeves and then add as much blue as I possibly can to get a longer sleeve. Or just do the requisite number of rows for the next blue stripe (10, I believe) and then bind off/create a cuff like the neck/hemline.

Thoughts on the sleeve dilema would be much appreciated.

As for the pattern/mods/etc:
Pattern: Elfe
Yarn: Blue is Claudia Handpaints Fingering (so far 2.25~ skeins); Grey is Neighborhood Fiber Co Studio Sock (all but 7g of one skein)
Needles: US 3
Mods: - much smaller needles
- adding an extra purl round to the neckline
- jogless colour-joins
- using L colour pattern, but M cast-on and increases.
- knitting 9 rows (as per L instructions) before separating sleeves
- 23 rounds after sleeve separation (before waist shaping)
- waist shaping as per L instructions
- bottom hem: add extra knit row, BO purl-wise with colour B
- did not bind off sleeves, on holders to add length later

My version is raveled here complete with these mods.


Kim said...

There is one version w/solid-colored sleeves, if you want to see if you like how it looks:

I'd say it depends how much you want longer sleeves. If you really, really do, I'd say do them longer in blue. If you don't care that much, I'd say leave them short. Or…any chance you could get ahold of more gray & make them longer & striped?

Elinor said...

So cute! I agree with Kim: if you want longer sleeves, see how they look in blue?

verdeazulado said...

how long do you want your sleeves to be? because 32 g of blue probably wont give you three quarter length, which for me would result in a totally unflattering in-between length. So personally I would buy more grey or leave them short. But if for you more length would be better anyway, I`d try it out and on - the one stripe more in blue should look good anyway designwise, so you could put a lifeline there and knit on and see if you like the solid look, and if you don`t, rip back.

gradschoolknitter said...

Thanks for all the comments/suggestions. I'm thinking that I want about 3/4 length, which I like on myself... I'm going to do the end of the grey stripe and next blue stripe and see where we're at. If there's still some grey then I might add a thinner stripe (someone mentioned this as a possibility at knit group last night) and then some more blue. It has to be done by the end of Nov for NaKniSweMo, so fingers crossed!!