Friday, March 2, 2012

moonwalking on eggshells

What a lovely surprise! I just ran out to get some things from the grocery, and upon my return what should be sitting on top of my mailbox but my much anticipated final (sniffle!) package from SpaceCadet Creations!

The colourway is called "Eggshells" (hence the blog title... space[cadet] + eggshells... welcome to my brain), and is dyed onto her "Celeste" finger weight base. (490 yards of 100% Superwash Merino!)

Sitting underneath the yarn is a project bag made out of exclusive SpaceCadet fabric! I love the look of the little space dude, so this bag will get lots of use, I'm sure!

I think I might love this package most of all, which is going to make it super hard to not sign up again... but given my looming (potential... fingers crossed that something will come around for September) unemployment, it's probably best to abstain for a round or two... but if you're interested, I happen to know that sign-ups will be open for the second half of march and can be found over at SpaceCadet Headquarters.

As for me... I have plans for this yarn already brewing in my head... we'll just have to see which one wins out!

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