Saturday, January 28, 2012

WIPs on a weekend

The rainbow baby blanket is well over half way finished, in part thanks to the ease with which garter stitch can be accomplished even when reading complex passages of psychoanalysis!
Pattern is the Super Easy Baby Blanket, which clearly lives up to its name.

Another new WIP I'm working on is Argo:

contiguous beginnings

Obviously I've only just started, and so far I am loving it (and especially the yarn, which is Cascade Indulgence (70% alpaca, 30% angora... what's not to love?) that I got on a a craftsy deal for a great price). I'm a little worried, though, since I'm using a worsted weight (and a light one at that), while the original pattern calls for aran... I did get gauge on 8s but the fabric was very hole-y and I didn't like it at all... so I went down a needle size and up a pattern size and am crossing my fingers that it'll all work out for the best... also worrying is the reports of pilling for this yarn... alpaca and angora, two of the hairiest yarns out there... of course there will be pilling... let's just hope I can control it with a sweater shaver!


Andi said...

Love the WIPs. I really like the color of your Argo so far. It will be beautiful when it is done!

WildflowerWool said...

Hope you get lots of knitting time this weekend to work on your projects!

SIONA said...

La manta tiene unos colores preciosossssssss!
un abrazo,

gradschoolknitter said...

Thanks all!/Gracias a todas!