Monday, February 14, 2011


leg warmers, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

pattern: yoga socks/leg warmers (leg warmer version, obv) by Drops Studio. yarn: starry by dream in color.

These have been long-languishing in the UFO pile (started July 9, while still in Spain, these were finished up on a plane this past Friday, with the ends woven in and photographed this morning), and now they're finally done! As part of the stash-bust, I'm including the need-to-finish-UFO-bust.

My UFO pile isn't that big... but my need-to-knit pile is starting to be... next up on the need-to-do list is to finish up the wedding-gloves: groom edition, and then start on the blanket for another wedding present-owed. (yes, that means the wedding has come and gone... whoops.) Also: wedding sweater: my groom's edition and the shawlette that I plan on wearing myself on the special day.

Oh, and that pesky dissertation... I handed in my first chapter a little over a week ago though, so that's good, right?!

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SIONA said...

ehhh esos los empezaste aquí en madrid, verdad?
feliz día de san valentin, a ver si charlamos algun día por el skype y me cuentas que tal van los preparativos ;)
un abrazo,