Monday, September 6, 2010

it's back!

mojo maker, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

I'm in love with this project! And, the best part, is that I totally want to knit it alllllllll the time. Like, really.

It's the texture shawl recipe following chotda's notes for the set up rows. (it's a very loose recipe, I don't think she even states a cast-on #, so if you want to make it you should check out some of the finished scarves and follow someone's notes.)

I was really inspired by the two textured shawls recently made by one of my madrid knitting buddies, Siona.

The yarn is the zitron unisono that was sent to me by Susan a while back.

Needles: US 9 metal (wish they were wooden) circs

I hope this means my mojo is back for good, but for now I'm content knitting away on this shawl!

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SIONA said...

Tiene unos colores preciosos! Me alegra ser parte de tu reencuentro con el tejido ;)
Un abrazo y a ver cuando "skypeamos"