Saturday, September 25, 2010

drum roll please...

this is post 400!!! Which means........ PRIZES!!!

The first prize is easy: Susie, of useless beauty designs gets the prize for directing the most commenters. Susie: you get a paid-for gifted pattern from ravelry. When you know which one you want, send me a message with your ravelry name and a link, and I will send it right along!

The second prize, that of the most creative commenter, is a little more difficult to decide. Everyone had great suggestions... So, I'm going to cop-out and use a random number generator to pick the winner. So... the winner is........

SILVER of quicksilver crafter! Once you let me know your favorite colour I'll be sending you a skein of locally dyed yarn!

Thanks for playing guys! And for reading! Let's hope we're here in another 400!


Silver said...



I don't really know what to say, aside from [insert surprised noises here]. ;) I'll be in touch via Ravelry shortly!

...and THANKS so goshdarn much! To both you AND to Susie, whose fault it is (I think) that I came over here to begin with. Ha. ;D

SIONA said...

que 400 post son muchos post ;)
Un abrazo guapa, se te echa de menos, que lo sepas.

Susie said...

Thanks so much! Not only is this the first time I've won anything on a blog, but I was actually looking at a pattern I really wanted last night, before I knew I'd won! What a perfect prize! Off to message you on Ravelry. (And waving to Silver - Silver, I'm really glad you've won!).