Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yet another "I'm a bad blogger" post...

OK, so I've been doing this a lot lately. I don't even know what happened to March and thus far April seems to be slipping by pretty quickly too. I think it is mostly to do with the fact that I spend (at the bare minimum) 75% of my waking hours in the library. I was never a big library worker in my undergrad or even my MA days. But here it's like I could find 5 billion other things to do if I try to work from home. Even cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush sounds more interesting. And I'm actually enjoying what I'm reading right now! (Almost finished Part 1 of Don Quijote, for anyone who might care.)

But my big sit-in-a-room-for-8-hours-and-answer-6-questions-that-could-be-on-just-about-anything comp exam is in 10 days. TEN. DAYS. And I have a lot more stuff to read before then. Freaking out doesn't even cover it. So I spend my days in the library, doing a lot of reading and very, very, little knitting.

I did, however, at some point, finish these:

great gonzo socks

The great gonzo's death defying exam socks. Made from Storm Moon Knits "Muppets from Space" sock yarn, over 64 sts with a twisted rib cuff and a slip stitch heel. This is actually the second time I've worn them and they've been through both washer and dryer with no harm done. I think I might have to wash them again before next Wednesday to wear during the exam taking. As you can probably tell they're a little loose, so my next pair (started today while teaching sock class) are going to be on fewer stitches...

Other than that, like I said, much reading and not much else. Except today I had to make muffins! I promised Aleta of Omnomicon that I would take part in a taste test, the deadline for which was 5pm today. Being the fantabulous procrastinator that I am, on top of practically owing the library rent for staying there so much, I didn't find the time to do it until this afternoon.

I made these:

recipe A

Recipe "A": blueberry with pecans.

And these:

recipe E

Recipe "E": blueberry with almond and oat topping.

My roommate and I both liked "A" better... although I must admit that I couldn't find the flax seed as called for in "E". Apparently the grocery store close to my house (which basically carries nothing AND is poorly organized in the first place) decided that now would be a good time to rearrange. All the signs are missing and it's impossible to find anything there anyway. That's my story anyway. Plus I love pecans way more than almonds, so I knew before I even made them where my bias would lie.

OK, that's it, head over to Omnomicon later for the taste test results! Hopefully things will calm down a little after the 15th and I'll have more time to knit/share the results!

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