Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yep, big dork

The short and long of my travel woes is that I was delayed about 6 hours and didn't end up getting home until 4am. I slept/vegged in front of the tv for most of the day yesterday and I'm still a bit tired, but glad to be home. When I wasn't totally out of it I worked on my monkeys and this morning I grafted the first toe. I'm not much in the mood to dig out my camera and the chord, so I'm relying on the mac-cam:

As you can see the "dark" side of the moon ended up on the bottom of the foot, while the more sunny colours pooled a bit on the top. But I likes it.

And the big dork picture:

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Baltimore Washington Internaughty*

monkeys at the bwi

I know. Two posts in one day after a month + long interlude. But I'm stuck at the airport. Which seems to be pretty much the story of my life. Whenever I travel (which is pretty darn often) I have some kind of delay or problem or mixup. Because of storms both around here and around Detroit the flight has been delayed several times. Instead of a 4:30 take off time it is now almost 7:00 and they claim we're going to get out of here at 8:15, but I have my doubts. So I started, and then finished, the Complete Persepolis. I highly recommend it. And now the only entertainment I have is my newest sock. It's Cookie A.'s monkey (you all know where to find it... I'm too tired to link everything!) and my friend Terry's yarn (as explained 2 posts previous).

*I got a pre-recorded message the other day for my van service to the airport and for whatever reason - a glitch, a skip in the recording, a disgruntled voice-worker - my destination was called the Baltimore Washington Internaughty airport, as opposed to "International".

P.S. Since starting to write this our flight has been delayed another 1/2 hour and the flight that was scheduled to leave after ours is now going to leave early. Why they wouldn't switch the planes I don't know... just to stick it to me one more time I guess.


This is what my WWKIP day looked like:

I went down to Lovelyarns during HonFest where Sue hosted a tackiest knitter contest. In case you were wondering, the lovely lady on the far right took home the prize, and the tacky, tacky crown.

Let's see some closeups:

Pictures in this case really are worth a 1000 words...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is the yarn...

This is the yarn that Terry dyed.
This is the yarn that Terry dyed, that I bought.
This is the yarn that Terry dyed, that I bought at my favorite yarn shop.
This is the yarn that Terry dyed, that I bought at my favorite yarn shop, to make into monkey socks.
This yarn makes me happy. :D

Ok, so I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted anything. Thanks to everyone who left comments on the sweater dilemma. In the end I ripped it back, added several extra inches (I believe it was somewhere in the region of 5) and then stuck the pocket back on. It now has an almost complete sleeve and is in need of another. But it is just TOO HOT to even think about having a whole sweater made out of malabrigo sitting in my lap.

So I put that aside and have been working on the 2nd entrelac sock. I'm sorry, but entrelac gets darn boring after a knee-length sock and a half! So I've been chugging along on those, but it's been really, really slow going. And thus the acquisition of new yarn... I've been checking this yarn out (which is dyed by a friend of mine, Terry who runs crashintoewe on etsy and dyes for our lys. It's her merino sock, colourway "Dark Side of the Moon". It's not really "me" to have all these colours jumbled together at once (I like colour but just not ALL COLOUR, ALL THE TIME, like this kind of screams at me..) but I have loved this yarn since she brought it in a couple of weeks ago. So, on a whim yesterday, I grabbed and cast on. Monkey seems to be the sock pattern I always go back to, so there you have it.

I think for sheer displeasure with the weather, socks are what you're going to see around here for the next little while... and yes, I promise I won't wait another month and a half to post again!