Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yep, big dork

The short and long of my travel woes is that I was delayed about 6 hours and didn't end up getting home until 4am. I slept/vegged in front of the tv for most of the day yesterday and I'm still a bit tired, but glad to be home. When I wasn't totally out of it I worked on my monkeys and this morning I grafted the first toe. I'm not much in the mood to dig out my camera and the chord, so I'm relying on the mac-cam:

As you can see the "dark" side of the moon ended up on the bottom of the foot, while the more sunny colours pooled a bit on the top. But I likes it.

And the big dork picture:


Amy said...

Those look AWESOME. And I love the Persepolis series too... Pretty good for a long damn delay, I'd say. :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha those pictures are sexy. very sexy.