Wednesday, November 5, 2008

sick days = lots of productive time...

mitered squares blanket, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

So I've come down with laryngitis and have no voice. No voice! I didn't realize how much I must talk until I couldn't. I mean, I sort of can... it's sort of whisper-y and squeaky, but I was cautioned to try not to speak as much as possible. So I spent 3 hours in the student health clinic yesterday waiting for my "walk in" turn and finished most of the mitered squares blanket. (And yes, I will wash it very well before giving it to a new born baby!) I wove in the ends last night and crocheted a border on it this morning.

Ah, crochet. The knitter's nemesis. Or is it? I mean, crochet borders can give definition and stability to the edges of many projects, right? So I decided that since I'm staying home today and mostly staying in bed, especially since every few hours when the sudafed starts to wear off I feel woozy and fever-y again, that I would teach myself how to crochet. Obviously I sort of know how... to the extent that I can single-crochet a border around a blanket. But as for other stitches, etc, I'm pretty lost. And I still probably couldn't read a crochet pattern anymore than a kitten can resist a paper bag, but I have accomplished this so far:

first crocheted project!

I'm not following a pattern but it's supposed to be a crocheted mother bear. I figured it was a good way to try out different stitches and have something with purpose to it at the end of the project. OK, more sudafed and ibuprofen and back to bed for me now...

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