Friday, November 7, 2008

a pair of bears

Grandma Bear, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

Two bears in two days! First up is "Grandma Bear". She's being sent to Africa via the Mother Bear Project. (Actually, via Lovelyarns to the MBP, to Africa...). I just thought she looked very grandmotherly... aside from the semi-florescent green yarn used for her head, hands and feet. It doesn't look it in this picture but under the bright lights at the store it looked like it would glow in the dark! Anywho....

The other bear is Frankenbearina. Remember my attempts at crochet to keep my hands busy while staying in bed for 2 days? Well, it created this:

Frankenbearina steal your mac

OK, so that picture makes her look extra scary... she's actually kind of cute, in a mismatched, Frankenstein-y kind of way:

Frankenbearina want a hug

It was a good learning process. I learned several different crochet stitches, I learned that it's a lot easier to miss stitches in crochet than in knitting (at least, without unraveling the whole thing!), and I learned that there is a reason that all the other crocheted mother bears don't use the various different stitches - they're too holey and now all her stuffing peaks through. So I used some of the plastic doll eyes I had left over from another project and gave her a stitched up mouth a-la Frankendeer - whom she reminds me of and who has been MIA since August. Well, not really MIA, I know where he is, but I probably won't be seeing him anytime soon. :( But I digress... She's too scary / fragile to be shipped off to Africa so she's sticking it out here with me. Hopefully the cats won't eat her....

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Kate said...

haha, LOVES it!!