Thursday, April 10, 2008

PS3: earth yarns

Or: Malabrigo, how do I love thee? Let me count the stashed yarns...

I was somewhat surprised by the lack of green yarns in my stash this morning*. I really thought I had more! Green is one of my fav colours and over the years I have come to the realization that it really does look good on me. (In my high school years I wore blue all. the. time. I wasn't super popular - although I don't think I was a super geek either - so blue usually made it easy to blend in. I'm a much more colourful dresser now!) I have green eyes, and usually wearing green makes them pop. Anywho, enough digression, and on to the stash I plan on using for PS3: Earth.

So, the lack o' green yarns means I actually only have 2 pictures to show you. However, these 2 pictures represent quite large potential projects...

4 skeins of malabrigo worsted weight in Verde Adriana. This will (eventually) become Wicked. Or, at least, that's the plan.

5 skeins of malabrigo worsted weight in Oliva. Planning to be Drops' A-line jacket. The lighting (for which I am very grateful, not having seen the sun for at least a week...) made this look much browner than it is, but I think it's beautiful in all lights.

*Note: there are tons of green yarns in my stash, but all the rest are just partial skeins, left over from other projects. So, they don't count in this case. Or that's what I'll tell myself anyway.


Doug said...

I want green yarn! I want a collection! So I've restarted the hat about 5 times by now, but I've finally learned how to purl thanks to videojug and their expert knitter. And I've also discovered that purling hurts my hands. Oh Erin, I'm in way too deep! I knit for like 5 hours today!

Terry said...

Okay, I already want to steal your red I have to stalk you for your Malabrigo now too? Seriously, you're killing me :)