Sunday, April 13, 2008

I finished up one entrelac sock last night watching Best in Show with my roommate, whom, by the by, had never see it before. So the movie was fun, but finishing the cuff on the sock, not so much. In order to put in the tassels (yes, these socks have tassels) there are eyelet rows and a hem and they're bound off in a way that attaches the last row to th inside... it's a wee bit complicated and quite a large pain in the arse. In fact the last couple rows of ribbing and the bind-off lasted the entire movie. BUT, well worth it:

And the side view:


Sheila said...

Your socks are wonderful. I love that pattern. And it is great you got to meet The Harlot! I guess the Canadian question is a type of a secret handshake. Glad you knew the right answer.

Anonymous said...

Very sexy.