Saturday, March 15, 2008

bus blogging

So this is completely ridiculous and over-the-top but I'm currently on a bus. A bus from the Detroit Airport to East Lansing where I'm going to meet up with my dad and then drive back to Canada. A bus with free wi-fi (ok, not really free, the fare was NOT cheap and I think the free bottled water and wi-fi are built into the price... I plan on taking full advantage of both). Who blogs in the middle of the highway? Musicians? Actors? Me, apparently.

Anyway, this is the first leg of my "spring break" trip. I'm going home for a few days, will spend some time with the fam and a couple of quiet days before heading off to Korea with Dr. BF. That's right, Korea. I can barely believe it myself. Dr. BF was asked to compete in a martial arts tournament (Hapkeido) and invited me along. We leave Thursday.

Of course, this lead to a packing crisis extrordanaire last night. (Hey, it's a miracle I didn't leave the packing until this morning at 5am when I got up.) 'Cause Canada is generally cold at this time of year (although apparently around my parent's the snow has been gradually melting and it's been warming up to a balmy 5C/40F) and in Korea it's supposed to be anywhere between 55-70F the week we're there. So I had no idea what to take. Also, the knitting. I'll be gone for 2 full weeks. How much knitting do you take for 2 weeks?!?

I finished one Jaywalker the other day:

and started the second, so I took that with me.

I also had yarn to make the entrelac socks by Eunny Jang from Interweave Knits Spring 07... so I took enough to make one sock. The directions are 3 full pages long (and there is only a very short list of instructions at the end for making the left different from the right and how to make/attach tassels. Yes, I'm going to make socks with tassels.) so I figure one of them will take at least a couple of weeks. Plus I'm going to be in KOREA! How much knitting time am I *really* going to have?? (Aside from the many, many hours we're going to spend in airports and planes, of course.)

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Doug said...

You obviously got the one good bus in Michigan.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Can't wait to drink a whole bottle of wine!