Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Time Post Slump

I haven't been posting much lately, despite a frenzy of knitting going on. I'm knitting the majority of my Christmas gifts, and I have shared some, but there are some I don't want to share just in case the recipients will check here. So it may be a while before I have knitting I can share. I am, however, documenting it all over at ravelry (link is to my project page so you must be a signed-in ravelry member to see the goodies).

I've also recently opened up an etsy shop to sell my new patterns. In the new year, I may also sell small knitted items - I know I'm missing out on the Christmas market, but knitting for my own loved ones was more important to me this year!


PHD Knitter said...

I hear you on the Christmas time slump. If I have to knit one more pair of socks I'm going to scream! Congrats on the etsy shop. Can't wait to see what you come out with :)

Doug said...

Everybody at work knits, so I am reminded of you every single day.

Don't worry about the posting slump - I've been worse and have few excuses other than I hate my job. Is that valid enough?

Sheila said...

Christmas knitting takes priorty this time of year. Oh, yeah. I should be knitting not on the computer!