Thursday, January 10, 2013

WWFY Sweater finished!

I sent off the WWFY sweater a couple of days ago and it should (hopefully) be getting to its final destination today!

Pattern: Shiraz
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 6 and 5 (just for the collar)
Mods: None.

Fingers crossed that it fits the intended recipient well and she's happy with our "exchange"!


Anonymous said...

Nice sweater! I just started shiraz and am bewildered why there is an even number of stitches across the back for the seed stitch. It gives me three purls in a row when i reach the sleeve. I'm stumped and hoping someone who has made this can help. ??? Thanks.

gradschoolknitter said...

Thanks "Anonymous"... I honestly don't remember having that issue, although the different sizes might have different stitch #s. You might want to check out peoples' versions on ravelry and see if anyone who has made the same size as you has any notes that might be helpful!