Saturday, March 13, 2010

la historia del tejer

So I made it to Spain, safe and sound, and have begun to make the rounds to libraries and museums that I think will be good for my thesis research. I had some problems getting into the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library) at first, but all is well now.

Yesterday I went to two museums that are very close to where I am living and will hopefully be helpful for me research-wise (both have libraries as well as being museums). I went to the Museo de América and the Museo del Traje. (Museum of America and Museum of Clothing / Costumes)

Surprisingly, the Museo del América had quite a bit of fiber-related objects that I want to share. Unfortunately the Museo del Traje does not allow photography, so I don't have any pictures of that but they do have some AMAZING pieces of clothing that are more works of art than anything.

This is a drop spindle with yarn, from Peru, around 1400 I believe.

Click this picture to see notes on all the different knitting / fiber implements:

los textiles

agujas de oro
Knitting needles made out of gold. (I'd be worried about bending them...) Found in Columbia, dating from 200AD to 1000AD.

A sewing kit, with balls of yarn and knitting needles found buried with a mummy (who was also there but hard to photograph and somewhat grotesque... I have a hard time with dead things, ok?!) in Peru, dating to 400BC - 100AD.

I also tried to go to a knitting group last night which I'd like to join... but due to some annoyances trying to find the place and getting a call 5 mins after I got there which I had to leave right away to attend to, I guess I'll have to get to know them better next week!


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¡wou! que grande eso de visitar museos, los que somos de madrid creo que ni vamos .... ¡tiene que ser precioso este que nos muestras, gracias!
un abrazo,
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