Friday, May 22, 2009

I think it's back

My knitting mojo that is. It's been exactly a month since I last posted. Wow... I can't believe where the time is gone. I have just under 10 days to finish my last comp exam (in the form of a written paper) and I'm more than a little freaked out. I've barely been knitting at ALL, mainly due to stress and extended periods of freak out time in the library. Yesterday was the first time I actually took knitting with me to work on while I read so that I could calm down a bit. And of course, it is the simplest of projects, a gorgeously soft, stash-busting, garter stitch baby blanket for a friend who just gave birth earlier this week. A friend who is highly internet savvy, so pictures are staying off the blog for now.

Those of you on ravelry, however, can catch the sneak preview here!

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